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Let’s Get Presidential, baby

2016 September 27

TONIGHT! don't watch the debate home alone like an indoor kid, come on out to the Diamond and watch our empire crumble between our fingers together on the big screen! Cheering and jeering encouraged, free popcorn, happy hour til 7. Debate starts at 9.  #michaellandonapproved #makebeergreatagain #pleasetakeusbackengland #movingtocanada #untilrussiainvades #greenpoint #greenpointbars @greenpointers

Watch all the debates streaming on LIVE television on the big screen!

Full sound!

Free Popcorn to eat and throw!

Tuesday, October 4th, 9:00pm
Vice Presidents- who are these bozos anyways? Maybe we’ll never know

Sunday, October 9th, 9:00pm
Town Hall format moderated by Anderson Cooper, let the people speak A-Coop!

Wednesday, October 19th, 9:00pm
If ya don’t know, now ya know, votah

1st Friday Nachos, El Jefe’s Nachoria Friday 10/7 7:30pm

2016 September 27





Pretty much the best nachos ever. Flame torched cheese right before your hungry little eyes.



N64 Mario Kart Tournament, Sat 10/8

2016 September 27


Ahhhhhh Autumn…
the weather cooling down
the days getting shorter
$3 buy in, winner takes all.
Fortune. Glory. Some guts.

Doubles Shuffleboard Tournament Monday Nov 17, 7:30

2016 September 26


Join us for the Doubles Tournament. 7:30. All skill levels. Players partner-up ahead of play.
$5 entry, winners take all.

Wacky Wildcard Werewolf Autumnal Equinox Shuffleboard Tournament 9/21

2016 August 30



SHUFFLEBOARD IS BACK PEOPLE. Join is to throw some pucks and howl at the moon. 7:30, all Skill Levels. Partners drawn wild.
$3 entry, free for Werewolves.