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The Diamond Is 8 (On July 2nd)

2015 June 23

Please come celebrate with us.  Our 8 draft lines will be filled with our 8 favorite “Diamond Classics” all night and we will be pouring them ALL HALF PRICE UNTIL 8pm.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 1.02.20 PM

Backyard Party, July 4th!

2015 June 23

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 1.04.25 PM

The Fury Southeast Asian Satay Friday 6/19

2015 June 10
Fri, 6/19, 7-10pm, Southeast Asian Satay Grill Pop-Up by The Fury
We just had Chai and his crew from the Fury here for fish tacos and ceviche in early June and it went very very well.  I heard from satisfied customers all day that we have to get these guys back.  The grill will be in the backyard.  Specific menu is not available yet but we are super psyched!
Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 2.28.37 PM


Table Shuffleboard Doubles Tournament Mon 6/22

2015 June 10


Do you know that table shuffleboard pre-dates cruise ship shuffleboard?  Yep, started out with people pushing coins to the end of the bar and seeing who could get closest to the end without falling off.   So leave that old-person game with the sticks in Gowanus and come compete in the real deal here with us.  
Here’s what’s in it for the winner: Take home a cash prize, get your name on the plaque, and join the Diamond All-Stars crew.  You will, then, be part of an elite team with the opportunity to play in our monthly All-Stars Tournament and also to travel and play against other bars.  Practice up!
$3 entry fee matched by bar into the cash pot.
Freshly waxed, sprayed and salted.  Add a side of @brooklynbrewery #sorachiace for $4 if you come soon #tableshuffleboard


Fun Stuff In the Fridge for the Weekend

2015 June 5