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Costumed Tricycle Race, Sat 10/29, 4pm

2016 October 20
Costumed Tricycle Race
Sat 10/29, 4pm
Max Weight 160 lbs, $3 entry fee
Get your halloween gear on and go head to head in a series of races through the Diamond Gauntlet on our custom built race track.  Do it for the glory.  Or the cash.  Or just come and watch.  This is one for the ages.

Halloweekend Back Yard Dance Party! Sat 10/29, 9pm

2016 October 19


Our judges will award prizes to the best costume and best dancer of the night!

Basement Seance with Paula Roberts..SOLD OUT!

2016 October 19


Season’s Séance:  A Paranormal Investigation into Greenpoint’s Past 


The Diamond
43 Franklin St. in Greenpoint
Sunday, October 30
8pm-10pm, $10

Note that only 20 guests may be accommodated, first come, first served. Please click on the paypal button below to purchase and reserve your spot.  

What do the dead think of the living? Are they watching over us with judgement or joy? And what concerns animate their afterlife? Join us in the (certifiably spooky*) basement of The Diamond for a paranormal experiment in which we shall attempt to pierce the veil at this time of year when it is at its most delicate, to see who—or what—remains.  Led by celebrated medium Paula Roberts (aka The English Psychic), this séance welcomes the curious to join us in our custom-engineered, candlelit Seance Salon, as we summon the spirits of the dead for communion. “We don’t know what—or who—will join us, but we aim to make them feel welcome,” says Roberts, whose previous summonings include the spirits of Harry Houdini for the Discovery Channel, “Mad” Anthony Wayne for Unsolved Mysteries, and Joseph Cornell for the Whitney Biennial. “We will seek proof that the departed keep an eye on us, and perhaps even achieve communion through questions and answers. Also, phenomena may occur.”



Paula Roberts is a clairvoyant counsellor, a paranormal investigator, a handwriting analyst, and a non-denominational Minister, based here in New York.  Born in England, Paula is an alumni of the Spiritualist Assn. of Great Britain, in London. She has been working full time as a clairvoyant counsellor for over 30 years and has built a large international clientele from all walks of life. She is also a long-time presence on public access television, beginning in 1984.   She has done experimental work as a paranormal investigator, which was documented in the Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research and showcases her accuracy in divining ghostly activity.  She has since been credited with having sensitivity considerably beyond chance or average e.s.p. – ‘super psi’.

* Bob, who slept down there sometimes, claimed all kinds of shit.  He had to move to Arkansas.

Scary Pumpkin Carving, Weds 10/26, 5pm

2016 October 18


We provide the pumpkins, tools, candles. You provide the creativity.

Pumpkins will be proudly displayed.

Free with drink purchase!

Dave’s Parents Make You a Nice Pancake Breakfast, Sat 11/5 11am

2016 October 17


Dave’s parents drive in from outta town to feed the hungry masses homemade pancakes, pie, frittatas.

Free with purchase of a drink.

While supplies last- get here early!