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$5 Beef Pies for Australia Day Tomorrow

2015 January 23

Come out and enjoy classic Aussie beef pies catered by Tuck Shop and some awesome films and music from the land of Nick Cave.

The real Australia Day in the mother country is Monday.  But since they are so many hours ahead of us, we thought it would be ok to celebrate two days early on Saturday instead.

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Apex Predator is a Fluffy-Headed Farmhouse Dream

2015 January 20

Thanks to Off Color for creating a saison that makes me care about this category of beer again.  There’s so damn many saison/farmhouse beers out there, it’s hard to get excited about them anymore….unless you have one that is really good on some of the the cleanest draft lines in NYC.  Yeah, that’s me, tooting the horn for my small part in it.

They re-shuffled the farmhouse deck and pushed the fruit to the limit while keeping the flavors bright and tight.  Dry-hopped with Crystal hops.  Pours with a dense, pillowy white foam.  Yum!!!

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Not That Kind of Girl Trivia hosted by WORD

2015 January 19

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Big Screen Vintage Gamin’ Every Saturday This Winter

2015 January 9

And don’t miss the next Mario Kart Kompetion for Cash Money on Saturday 1/17. Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 12.00.17 PM

Greenport, Greenpoint, and Alesmith Killin’ It

2015 January 7

I came back from 10 days in Florida yesterday to an icy runway and a pile of catch up to do at the bar.  But the end of the day treats were WELL worth it.

I’ve been looking for an English Mild with a tart, fruity character for years and I finally got one with the Greenpoint Magma Noir.  The nutty, light bodied characteristics of the Mild exist underneath tart cherries.  The marriage of these characteristics is interesting and complex, especially at 3.8% abv.

As well as I can recall, the Alesmith X, is the first beer we’ve ever poured from this highly sought-after San Diego brewer.  It may upset the locavores to say, but it doesn’t get any fresher than this, people.  Really, really bright and zippy hops, wonderfully balanced and light in color for an APA, making it supremely drinkable.

Last but not least, I wait all Fall for the Greenport Antifreeze and this year’s batch does not disappoint.  This is an English “Old Ale” style which is fruity and attenuated fairly dry compared to other beers of this strength.  It’s so satisfying and complex and just the right balance for me.  It has become a Diamond favorite with many of our customers over the years.

Despite the weather, I’d say it’s an especially good week to stop by.



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