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I am pleased with the draft beer list today

2015 May 27

I am pleased with the beer list today which doesn’t happen often.  Here are some highlights…

Thiriez Extra:  The soft malts make me want to lie down in a meadow and stare at clouds.  But the English Bramling Cross hops wake me up with a very intriguing low voltage jolt.  Perfect marriage of seemingly divergent textures with both on display.  That BC hop is really something.

Apolstelbräu Dinkelbock:  Wheat bock could be one of the toughest beer styles to sell these days.  Where is the tartness?  Where is the bitterness?  Those two elements we seem to be nearly obsessed with in 2015 are non-existent here.  Creamy supple wheaty body is on display although the beer is dry enough to be balanced.

Threes Unreliable Narrator:  My favorite kind of IPA…high in aromatics, moderate in hop bitterness.  Definitely in the IPA window but not typical.

2 Brothers Domaine Dupage:   Caramel malts are the focus but red fruit tones are coming through as well as a leafy sort of finish.  Forgot how good this was.

Sun 5/31, Taco Pop-Up & Guac-Off

2015 May 21

The Fury will be dishing out taco/ceviche plates and your neighbors will be dishing out their best guacamoles alongside to appease you.  Let us know if you’d like to compete in the guac-0ff!

We just need a standard guac recipe portion from you (3 avocados-ish) and we will do the rest.  Guacamoles will be served with the tacos during the first two hours of the pop-up (2-4pm) and winner will be announced at 5.

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 7.06.04 AM

Staring Contest Thurs 5/14, 7:30

2015 May 6

Cash Prize to winner!  Free Drink to 1st 10 contestants!

No reservation necessary but if you arrive after 7:30 we can’t guarantee you a spot…
*Entrance to play is $3
*No touching
*Must Stay seated
*Can’t look away/break eye contact
*1 Blink you’re out!
*Laughing permitted
*Heckling by players and audience encouraged

Officiated by Diamond Dave and Mi2Flow

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 2.19.04 PM

Hard Beer Choices This Weekend

2015 May 1


Sometimes, it’s just a big party in my head when the beer arrives, as this fine photo illustration by Eddie Van Heusen suggests.  Here are several great things, all going on at the same time:

Lac Du Bay IPA, Central Waters, WI, 7.5%.  This was the best IPA that we poured last year and we are so happy to see it’s return.  It’s fruity with a restrained and earthy bitterness.  Those are the three kegs pictured above so we’ll have a good bit of it this time around.  This will go on draft some time this weekend and in the mean time you can drink Alesmith X Pale Ale until it kicks…not a bad option AT ALL while the Lac Du Bay is on deck.

Local Option Die Königin, IL, 6.5%.  We introduced these Illinois brewers to NYC several years ago and are very very happy with this fat and strong German-style lager aged in Oak.  Tapped last night.

Three’s Wandering Bine Saison, Brooklyn, 5.3%.  How can you get excited about a farmhouse/rustic saison in a sea of farmhouse/rustic saisons?  Find one that stands out.  This beer is making me happy.  Tapped last night.

Alvinne Extra Re-Styled, 7%, Belgium, (bottle).  Many different types of yeast are having a party in this Belgian IPA.  Have a look here to learn more.  Arrived yesterday.


DJ Vinny Direct from Boston!

2015 April 8

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 6.58.23 PM