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Mario Kart Kompetition Sat 4/4, 2pm

2015 March 25

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Fight for Bushwick Inlet Park!

2015 March 19

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Ten years ago, when the Williamsburg/Greenpoint waterfront was rezoned to pave the way for high rise condos, the city offered one concession to this neighborhood.  They promised us a park at the Bushwick Inlet but the government has still not made good on it’s promise.  Now, a key parcel of that land may be sold to developers cutting our promised park into two tiny segments with a high rise in between.

As you can see here, we have the lowest per capita parkspace in the city.  And if you think we are crowded now, imagine how dense it’s going to become as more and more towers go up in coming years.

Get involved with Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park and tell DeBlasio we want more grass, not glass.  A promise is a promise!


Chili Cookoff/MACRO-brew Blind Tasting

2015 March 5

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Mario Kart Kompetition This Saturday 3-5pm

2015 March 2

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$5 Beef Pies for Australia Day Tomorrow

2015 January 23

Come out and enjoy classic Aussie beef pies catered by Tuck Shop and some awesome films and music from the land of Nick Cave.

The real Australia Day in the mother country is Monday.  But since they are so many hours ahead of us, we thought it would be ok to celebrate two days early on Saturday instead.

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