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Brew n’ Chew 5: The call for competitors

2012 July 23
by davidleepollack

Sounding my bugle horn now.  If anyone wants to compete, email ASAP!

Sunday 9/16, 3:00-5:00pm

Please read below and let me know if you are down to compete!  Cheers!

Up to seven teams will create their greatest homebrew/snack pairings to be made available for sampling during the event.  We hope to sell one hundred tickets to the event.  Each ticket buyer will taste all offerings and vote for their favorite.  The teams that get the most customer votes will win prizes.  Ticket revenue will be donated to charity.

What’s Different This Year
From the feedback we’ve been getting over the past couple years, we think it’s time to make one major change.  Rather than basing all prizes on the “best pairing”, we will take votes on “best beer”, “best dish”, and “best pairing”.  Sometimes, the crowd does not like a certain team’s pairing for whatever reason but they might like your beer very much or they might like your dish.  I think this setup gives each team a greater variety of ways to get the attention of the voters.  There will be one prize awarded for each category.

Past prizes have been things like dinner gift certs, local brewery visits, diamond gift certs, etc.  We will figure out some great stuff and let you know what those are as we get closer.

To be determined but we are considering

-Each team will be made up of 2-4 people.
-Each team may enter only one beer/food pairing.  Nothing else may be served.
-A single person may be a member of more than one team but two or more people together may not be members of more than one team.

Important Prep Note
It is also important to note that there is no kitchen facility at the Diamond.  We have plenty of cold storage and we will also provide ice/buckets, glassware, dump buckets, plasticware, paper plates, napkins.  If you plan on serving your food hot, we have a limited number of chafing dishes to keep it hot first come first serve but these are not meant to heat it up from cold storage.  Hot food needs to arrive hot.

-5 gallon batch of homebrew
-All necessary draft dispense equipment (if packaging in keg)
-125 bite size food servings, about 2 oz each.

Time Commitment
Event will last 2 hours…from approximately 3-5pm.  You will need to be there at least one hour early to set up. So you are looking at a total of four hours or so at the bar.

The Diamond will, again, offer a $25 gift certificate to the bar for each team.  We will also offer a small portion of ticket proceeds.  10% of ticket proceeds will be distributed to the teams, the other 90% will go to the charity.  This should amount to about $35 cash per team…not much but something to help defray your costs in conjunction with the gift cert.
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